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Format problem in Update document action

Question asked by akatsukidong23 on Oct 27, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2016 by akatsukidong23

I got a question here. 

Assuming I am building a queationnaire and I want to use "update document" to update content control text in a library document with workflow variables(mutiple lines of text type). In the screenshot below I use both rich text and plain text type but no one fulfill what I want.

Here is the workflow variable I want to update in the content control in document, and I send notification to myself. It consists of two paragraphs.And I want content control to show as below:


And the result in the rich text:

So in rich text it is confusing that it self-duplicates the text, and it seems to have format problems like words difference.

The result in plain text:

So in plain text it can not seperate the two paragraphs.

And the workflow goes like this:

So how should I set in the word if I want the document show the content control text as the original one...?