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As a Nintex partner, I have been playing with the Nintex Cloud preview, together with a customer that already works with Nintex Workflow for SharePoint. It was just a (part of a) day, but the following is a list of suggestions for Nintex Cloud. My role on this playground was to assess the API part of Nintex Cloud.


Nintex Cloud functionality:

  • Connector for O365/SharePoint online/OneDrive/OneDrive for Business?
  • Be able to (temporarily) disable an activity in a WF.
  • See custom activity names in Dashboard instance details / Instance Activities. The 'CurrentDateTime.execute 1.5' gives no clue which CurrentDateTime activity logged the activity.
  • Importing / exporting workflow (moving to another tenant or reusing parts).
  • Visual activity view of Workflow (what activities have been visited in the currently running workflow).
  • Activity logging/history.
  • 'Wait until datetime' and 'Wait specified amount of time' activity (although this can be simulated with a loop and current datetime variable).
  • Wait for document upload activity (for example: wait for upload of file to connected storage - Hopefully with Azure Blob storage!).


I'd like to see improvements with the Nintex Cloud API. Currently, It's only possible to start a WF with start data using the API. I'd like to be able to get much more information about workflows and instances, for example for dashboarding and custom API use (abstracting the WF engine for consumer apps).


Regarding Nintex Cloud API:

  • Get overview of published workflows via API
  • Get overview of all/specific workflow instances via API
  • Get overview of completed/failed WF instances via API
  • Stop a WF instance via API
  • Pause / continue WF instance via API
  • Get state of WF instance ('what stage is it in?'), errors and history.
  • Get variables of a WF instance via API
  • Get activity history (what activities have been visited and with decision / approval information)
  • Change variable of a WF instance via API
  • Import/export WF via API
  • Construct a WF or change a WF via API


Victor Vogelpoel - GeONE B.V.