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"Empty" message templates

Question asked by glenda on Aug 27, 2014
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We are encountering a serious issue with Nintex Workflows 2013.

We recently upgraded our SharePoint 2013 production environment with SP1 which initially failed, causing we had to perform a DB restore of the SharePoint SQL DB's. Since then (at least, that is what we think) there are issues with the message templates in Nintex Workflows 2013. The Nintex DB's were not restored.


When checking test and acceptance environment, the same error occurs - each of these environments also had a DB restore a while ago.



  • The message templates are empty (on farm level, site collection level, workflow level)
  • When opening a workflow and an action e.g. notification action or flexi task - the field is empty (all content seems to have disappeared)
  • When entering text in an action using these message templates (notification, flexi task, ...) and saving the action = OK, BUT when opening the action again the field is empty.

What is remarkable is that Nintex does seem to capture the save, because when the workflow is initiated and sends the e-mail, the message will contain the right contents. But you cannot change the contents in the workflow actions nor see what's actually in them.



  • Has anyone encountered this problem before?
  • Is there an impact of restoring the SP DB's on Nintex which we were not aware of?
  • How could we solve this problem, any ideas?
  • Where does Nintex actually store the configuration about message templates and the content of 'message' actions?


Thanks a lot for helping out