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"Add Attachments to email"- dealing with large attachments

Question asked by ryan.mckenzie on Oct 25, 2016
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I have created a workflow/ form using Nintex.  It's working pretty well but I'm having trouble dealing with how I should deal with attachments.


A new item is created in my list through a Nintex form in "View 1"  That kicks of the workflow.  This runs through a process that can send out up to 10 or so different "forms" (through flexi/ approval tasks etc).


To deal with attachments I have put a link on every form inside the workflow that links back to the original list form in "View 2"- which basically all fields disabled except the attachments section so everyone can see/ add attachments to the main list form.  This works well enough.


Now, in all of my flexi-tasks I have ticked the box "add attachments to email" because all reviewers etc. will want to see the attachments.  Then only those people that want to add attachments have to click the link to the main form.  Most can just review and complete their tasks- Again works great.


But what happens when someone wants to add a 20MB attachment?  Won't happen often for this form but will happen occasionally.  So the challenge I have is how do I give users an option to store larger attachments so that they will be accessible to all users on the main form (or though a link or something) but will not be sent out with the emails?  


Any help would be appreciated.




Ryan McKenzie