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Question asked by cheeley on Oct 27, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2018 by euang

I created a form where I used some custom CSS in the Form Settings->Custom CSS to style the form the way I wanted.  After getting the form styled I figured that I would probably use a lot of the custom styling in other forms at a later date and decided it would be more advantageous to move the script to a separate CSS file and reference the file.  I therefore created a .css file with the script from the form and copied it to a central library on the site.  Next I removed all the script specified in the Custom CSS section and instead referenced the .css file I uploaded to the server in the Form Settings->Custom CSS includes in the Advanced section.  Here is where my problem occurs.  


When I put custom styles in the Custom CSS section of the form settings, those changes are immediately available in both the form designer and the preview.  Alternatively, if I leave the Custom CSS section blank and instead reference an external CSS file in the Custom CSS includes section with the same CSS code then I don't see any of the styling when using the designer but it shows up when I preview the form.  This makes if very difficult to use a referenced CSS file as I really need to be able to see the styling as I'm designing the form.  


Am I missing something?  Is there a way to make the form designer use the referenced CSS when designing the form or am I forced to copy it to the Custom CSS section just to be able to see it in the designer?