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How to Copy files from one site collection document library to another collection multiple sites document libraries?

Question asked by m.k on Oct 24, 2016
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Hi Everyone,


I've been trying everything to make this work, but failing miserably and could really use any direction from you guys please!


The facts:

- I have a folder on site in one site collection

- This folder has multiple spreadsheets

- Every month, these spreadsheets get updated

- Each spreadsheet should then be Copied into its relative site which reside in a different site collection


What I would like the Site workflow to do:

- Run every month

- Copy all spreadsheets

- Paste the right spreadsheet in its relative site's document library


This is the 1st portion of my Site workflow where I Query the document library and get the Spreadsheet names, URLs and GUID all stored in Collection VARs. Then using the For each.



At this point, I literally have everything I need and just want to copy the right file to right Site.



To determine which Site the File should be copied into, I'm using the Switch where each FileName is exactly equal to the spreadsheet name in the Source Folder:



To get the Destination URLs, I plan to Build a String under every Switch Branch and store each Destination URL into a string VAR and Set Variable where FileURL = Destination URL.


Finally (and this is the part I'm having major trouble with) comes the Copy Items using Call Web Service: This is what it looks like



And this is the error I get:



What am I missing?