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Using form variables with single line textbox

Question asked by charlesralston on Oct 21, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2016 by emha

I have a form where I want to query the user profile to get the user name and work phone values out of SP user profile service.  I know this can be done using the calculated value control and using the userProfileLookup Runtime function. However, what I am trying to do is to allow the user to update the phone number if the value from UPS isn't correct.  So, I thought I would create a Form Variable to accomplish this.  I have created the variable, and I have connected it to the list column field, however, it does not show the data when the form loads.   I thought creating this variable as connecting it to my column would work, but it doesn't appear to.  Is there something I am missing to get a column to display the variable value?