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Overlapping fields when printing in Internet Explorer 11

Question asked by cfall on Oct 20, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2018 by cherylshah

When I try to print certain Nintex forms in Internet Explorer 11, multi line text fields overlap with one another causing some areas of the page to be blank and other pages to have lines of text overlapped. This happens if I try to print to PDF or to a printer.


The same forms print with minor issues in Firefox. The text doesn't overlap, but shrinks in one section. Safari is a bigger mess than IE. Chrome prints perfectly.


Since Nintex doesn't allow me to edit forms in anything other than IE, I would have expected IE to be the one browser that prints the forms without a problem, not Google Chrome.


Has anyone else had this problem and found a fix for it? Can anyone confirm that if I upgrade to Nintex Forms Enterprise this won't be an issue with the Print to PDF function?