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How does the Web request action need to be setup in order to move content between subsites that are within the same site collection?

Question asked by agillard0 on Oct 20, 2016



I'm using the "Web request" action to move documents within my site collection and have been successful moving documents and folders when the source and destination are on the same level. When I try to move content from a library located in one subsite to another library located in a different subsite (both libraries within the same site collection though), the action treats the destination as a folder. 


Can you please instruct me on how I need to setup the action so that content and its version history can be moved between subsites within the same site collection? Here's my criteria:


Variable criteria:


Source variable used in workflow = libSource: List Name/Name


Destination variable used in workflow = libDestination: Productionsupport/AAGDestination2/Item Display Name


Web request criteria:



This is in Windows 7 and Nintex version