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How to get multiple formula fields underneath each other use resize at runtime?

Question asked by knoll-mb on Oct 20, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2016 by emha

Hey community,

i am facing the challenge to build a form in Nintex which should give a preview of how the of the item would look like in SharePoint search. 

There are three elements (all formula control) in my form that drive me crazy.


1. a formula loading the HTML which makes a picture show up in the formula control. Some pictures have a heigtht of approx 100px, some do have a height of more than 300px. So i set the formula control to "resize at runtime" "yes".


2. a formula showing the text which is added in another multiple line text field. Sometimes its just a few words, sometimes several sentences. So i set this formula control to "resize at runtime" "yes" as well.


3. a third control. As well set to "yes" in resize at runtime. This text is not dynamic. 


Form in Editor


Now everything is fine as long as the picture has not to much heigth and the text is not to long. 

See example of to long picture and text:


Elements overwriting each other

You see the text overlaying the picture and the text colliding with the blue hyperlink instead of pulling the hyperlink down.

Has anyone any idea how I could avoid this behaviour? 


This is how it should look - independent of the heigth of the picture and independent of the text length.


Good looking example


Please do not get confused by that dashed lines, I activated them to get a feeling for the width of the elements for positioning.


Thanks in advice!