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Nintex Webservice Approve Flexi Task

Question asked by prash2483 on Oct 19, 2016
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I am using Nintex webservice in an application. I am able to successfully start and terminate the workflows. But I am having an issue when I try to approve a Flexi Task from code. I know the issue is with the Authentication. Please find the below code for reference. I tried using the admin credentials as well, but no luck.


NintexApprovalService.ProcessTaskResponseResult? ob = null;

//bool ob;

string taskList = taskListName;


NintexApprovalService.NintexWorkflowWS obj = new NintexApprovalService.NintexWorkflowWS();

obj.UseDefaultCredentials = true;

obj.Credentials = cr;

ob = obj.ProcessFlexiTaskResponse2(approvalComments, Approvaloutcome, TaskId, taskList);


return ob.Value;


Could you able to assist me to fix this issue.