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Format multiple list items for email

Question asked by johnnyworkflow on Aug 27, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2014 by sjnbham

Hi everyone,


I am creating my first Nintex workflow and thanks to a couple very helpful people on these discussion boards am close to completion.  The last thing I need to build is a system for sending out the status of the items in the list in a weekly update email so that it can be printed out and disiplayed for everyone to see what is happening with the items they submitted.  I have googled and found some articles on how to compile items into a table and email them but even these are a bit too advanced for me to work through alone.


Could anyone help me get started?  I am trying ot implement the method discussed in the article linked below but do not know how to start by storing my data in a multiline field as xml (excerpt quoted below).  I am just using a simple list and single workflow built on that list, no Nintex Forms.


"First thing we need to do is to create some collection variables and populate them with data.. In my example I’m using Nintex Forms and some repeating section controls. These control store the multiple rows of information into a multiline field as xml. This allows me to use the ‘Query XML‘ action to get the values out and store them into a collection variable."


Thank you for any direction you can provide.