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workflow using wrong content type on task list

Question asked by kirb on Oct 20, 2016

Trying to create what I thought would be a simple approval workflow for PTO Calendar using SharePoint Online. Requestor add event to calendar, email notification sent to requestor. Assign Task to manager, manager can approve with either Lazy Approval or by going to current item editdisp.aspx - the instructions for performing either of these are custom. If branch. If approved send notification to requestor, if rejected, send notification and then end the workflow.

What is working properly: Everything up to the point of sending approval message to requestor.

I noticed in the workflow task list Content Type shows Workflow Task (SharePoint 2013) and not Nintex and there's no option in the workflow to change this. Is this a problem?

Basically want to know why approval message isn't going out to requestor.