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How can I ensure my calculated fields are updated at the start of a dropdown's change() method?

Question asked by jpmhuls on Oct 18, 2016

I've a Nintex 2013 Form with:

  • a dropdown to select a recurrence type (Monthly, 3-Monthly, 6-Monthly etc) from a lookup list, which also has a number column with the actual number of months.
  • Start Date
  • Due Date, which needs to calculated on the fly as soon as the Dropdown selected item changes
  • Nintex calculated field that uses lookup() to the lookup list to get the number of months for the selected recurrence type

Challenge I currently face and hope to get an answer/solution for is that I use JavaScript for custom coding the dropdown's .change() method in order to update the DueDate field. However, the calculated field is updated AFTER the change() completes. Is it possible to have the calculated fields updated BEFORE the change() code is executed??