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Problem with parallel workflow tasks

Question asked by philipplucas on Oct 19, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2018 by philipplucas

Hi guys,


I have some problem with a workflow for a customer. The issue seems rather strange to me and I have been looking for an explanation for some days but with no success. Maybe you have another idea what could be the source of the problem.


This is the problem area of my workflow:



As you can see I have parallel tasks. My requirement is to check if everybody who gets a task assigned does approve it ("Ja" = "Yes" = means approved). Therefore I created a variable which is called "var_bedingungsloseZustimmungOEs". This variable is set to true right before the tasks are assigned (default value is also "true" but I need to set it again because I'm working inside a state machine and this state could be processed many times). If any of the task assignes does not approve the task ("Nein" = "no" = means rejected) i set this variable to false. After all assignes have responded to their respective task, I check if the variable is still true. And this is where the funny part starts.




  1. 3 Tasks are assigned
  2. First Assignee says "yes" --> var_bedingungsloseZustimmungOEs is true
  3. Second Assignee says "no" --> var_bedingungsloseZustimmungOEs is set to false
  4. Third Assignee says "yes" --> var_bedingungsloseZustimmungOEs is set to true again


Point 4 is the problem. My evaluation variable is set to true again, but why? I dont have an action in the "Ja"-path that set this variable to true again. It seems like the system is doing it automatically.


But it gets even more weird. To solve the problem I tried to give every task assignee an own variable and afterwards I checked if all the variables are true. But even using different variables the fault remains the same. As soon as one of the assignee say "yes" all other variables are set to "true" again even if another assignee has rejected before and his variable was set to false already. I tested it on two completely different machines and have the same problem on both.


I also built up another test workflow where I simply put in two parallel tasks with one variable and there it works fine! So I think it has to be a problem related to this specific workflow. If I take the second task out of the "run parallel actions" it works just fine and my evaluation variable is not overwritten.


To me this sounds like a bug in Nintex but I wanted to ask the community if someone maybe witnessed something similar or can even show me what I seem to be blind for...


Any help or advice is highly appreciated! If you have questions about the implementation of my workflow, please don't hesitate to ask!


Thanks in advance



p.s.: I'm using the most recent Nintex 2013 Version but the problematic workflow was built on an older version of Nintex, don't know if this could be the issue.