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How can I discover why cannot workflow migration fails

Question asked by tposzytek Champion on Oct 17, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2016 by tposzytek

Hi all!


I'm trying to make a migration of a Nintex 2013 on-prem workflow to O365 using Sharegate tool. The workflow is really huge. I have replaced all unsupported actions I have found (like I have replaced UDAs with inline actions, removed workflow constants, contextual values, etc..).


However the workflow still is not being migrated and Sharegate logs an error during migration. Unfortunately the information that I can export to excel file is truncated and does not show all issues. Those, that are visible are only pointing to issues that can be migrated but replaced with a blank placeholder or ignored.


I have a correlation ID but honestly I don't know where should I look to correlate it with a more detailed error information.


I've stuck. Do you have any hint/ idea how could I find an answer about what really went wrong during the migration so I would be able to fix it?


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