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Why might Print to PDF never return with a PDF?

Question asked by drewha on Oct 14, 2016
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I'm using Nintex for SharePoint 2013 (Version I have some Nintex forms that when I select the "Print to PDF" option, the "Converting to PDF" modal window comes up, but I'm never given a PDF to download and the modal overlay doesn't go away on it's own. I am experiencing this with IE 11, Firefox 49.0.1 and Chrome 53.


I'm at a bit at a loss as there are no error messages on screen or messages in the browser console. I am having trouble finding any diagnostic information about why this is failing. I've even placed break points on mousedown and mouseclick events and gone through a great deal of the JavaScript that fires on these events and I don't see any errors or obvious malfunctions.


Interestingly, (and I'm not sure if this is diagnostically significant), the Print to PDF button works when previewing the Nintex form, but not from the site proper.


A previous thread mentions CSS includes within a custom CSS field as being a culprit, but my form does not have any CSS includes. The only CSS added to this form is specifying a CSS class to style a rich text field. According to the documentation rich text is not allowed on multi-line text boxes. Does this lack of support also extend to rich text controls that are not multi-line text boxes?


This SharePoint instance does use a theme, but the theme is a business requirement so I'm unable to remove it. Are there any particular pieces of CSS that tend to interfere with Print to PDF? I can modify the theme, I just can't turn it off completely,


Any suggestions for narrowing down the conflict would be greatly appreciated.