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How to retrieve the value using javascript from an nintex form choice control?

Question asked by tlorsung on Oct 14, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2016 by tlorsung

Hi I've search the community & internet and found a few post, but with no success,  I've tried to copy from these various post and put together a simple form;  1 Choice control & javascript.   Once published, I run and the javascript runs, but when it displays the value of the Choice control,  its  'undefined'.   I've include screen prints of the control and js and the output.    I'm very new to Nintex, but a .net developer for many years,  I've taken 'Forms Training' from our rep, but did not get into any advance stuff.  My main goal is to learn Nintex forms object model.  I've not found a reference to all the control's classes yet/if any.   Other documentation that would be helpful, is;  NWF$('#' + userID + ' option:selected');...  'option:selected'  what else can we put/use here? 

So if you can see my error    OR    point me where the documentation is that explains;  like  'option:selected'  stuff   and   the method/functions of each control like    .val()    can't see to find anything light that.   This would really expand  our use of Nintex forms in  my organization.


ps   I'm using Sharepoint 2010  with Nintex Forms 2010(v1.9.0.0),   workstation is Windows 7 with IE 11.0.9600.18449IS  javascript 1.3.