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Control Rules Not Firing When Custom JS Is Added

Question asked by jesse.mchargue Champion on Oct 13, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2016 by jesse.mchargue

I stumbled upon a strange issue and I can only guess at the reasoning, so I hope someone has a bit more insight on to the specifics of why.



  • I have a form with a custom JS function in which I am updating a "hidden" (tucked behind a label so users do not edit it) based upon a calculated field. These fields are date only. I am triggering my JS function on the Save button. Here is the JS function:

  • I have a validation rule attached to a different control on the form. It is a simple (IsNullOrEmpty({Self})) rule.


I cannot get the validation rule to fire properly while I have the JS function in my form, but if I remove it, the rule fires as expected. I have tried doing a simple window.alert("Hello World!") function, and the rules fire just fine, so what am I missing?


Is this because I am attempting to update a field just before submit? Is this interfering with the normal validations?


I removed the field update and baked it into my workflow since it is a simple column update, but this has been nagging at me most of the week and I cannot get a good answer on why it is happening.


Thanks in advance!