Read announcement List and update workflow status

Discussion created by priyabrata on Oct 12, 2016
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Not sure if this is the right section to post this question. But here is what I am looking for.


I am a beginner to nintex and stuck at one place since last 2-3 days. So need expert's help.


I have an announcement list which receives email after one task is complete. 


Currently when I initiate the workflow and submit, it sends email to someone. Requirement is, when I receive reply email back to that announcement list, I want to resume the workflow, read the announcement list for keywords like (Approve, Rejected etc) and take appropriate action. 


The problem is, I dont know which control should I use to read the announcement list and set the status after that. e.g. I have a variable worflowStatus which I want to set 1 if received "Approved" in the body of the email, 0 if received "rejected". I tried with query list, but not sure how to set the status after that.


Appreciate any help on this....Thanks in advance for your reply.