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Attachment issue on Form 365

Question asked by tbeduneau Champion on Oct 12, 2016



Strange behaviour seen on Nintex Forms 365 with attachemnt control :

- the attachment is mandatory, so Form can't be saved without any file

- we sometimes found some items with NO attachment, wich should be impossible


After investigating, it appeared that attachment was checked and OK for Nintex....but not passed to SharePoint. Like disappeared after saving.


Some more tests show us it had to do with file name length :

- You have a 150 caracters filename

- You put it in the Form, no problem

- But it's rejected by SharePoint cause URL length  is more than 250 

- And of course, no error message !


Once uploaded in Nintex Form, the file gets an URL like : https://yourtenantnamethatcanbeverylong/yoursitecollection/yourlibrary/......../yourfilenamethatisverylong


And if this URL is more than 250 caracters, your file is rejected !


Can someone confirm that Nintex attachment control doesn't check the total URL length for the file ?

Being sure that Nintex won't accpet a file that SharePoint will reject ?


Any better solution than adding a rule avoiding filename longer than 100 or 120 caracters ?




cc Alexandre Joly