Creating a specific folder only in the libraries that are in a specific list

Discussion created by hansmüller on Oct 12, 2016
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I have  a problem since a longer time and I have no idea how to solve it with Nintex Workflow.


The following lists and libraries are involved in this process:


1. List "Customers": Here are all our customers with CustomerID, adress and so on.

2. List "Libraries to be updated": List of specific libraries within the Name and URL of each library

3. Library "Documents" : Each customer has a Folder in this library where he can upload documents

4. Library "Contracts": Each customer has a Folder in this library where he can see his contracts


The process starts, when a new item is created in the List "Customers". I type in the Customer ID, the adress and so on

After confirmation, there should the automatically creation of a Folder in each lybraries that is listed in "Libraries to be updated" . The Folder Name should be the CustomerID of the customer we added at the beginning. The libraries "Documents" and "Contracts" are listed in the List "Libraries to be updated" and in this two libraries there should be the new empty Folder with the Name of customer ID. It would be not so difficult if I would create the Folder with a workflow just for These two Libraries "Documents" and "Contracts". But in future there will be more libraries to be updated and all of them will be listed in the "Libraries to be updated" list. So my workflow should read the Information what libraries should be updated (Folder creation) from the "Libraries to be updated" list and then create in each library a Folder with the Name of the CustomerID.


Sadly i have no clue how to read the Information of the libraries to be updated and then to create Folders only in this libraries.


It would be great if someone has ideas or can help me to solve the problem.


Thank you in advance!