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Link to flexitask that auto completes form

Question asked by ryan.mckenzie on Oct 11, 2016
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I am creating a workflow that is initiated by reports being emailed to our company.  Some users will get up to 10 tasks a day from this process so I am looking at ways to make the process as streamlined as possible.


The task is a flexi-task with 5 options.  But 60% of cases might be one specific option of "dont worry about this, acknowledge recieved and end workflow"


I would like to add a link or button to the task email that opens the flexi-task. Automatically selects the specific outcome, (and other checkboxes / radio buttons on the form if possible), and then automatically selects ok.  In this way, it will be a bit like a lazy approval in that if user just wants to push the workflow through they can just click one link on their email and dont have to go though the whole form.  


Is this or any alternative solution that would do something similar possible?


Thanks in advance for any help.