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When using the advanced feature - Included if value = 'x' 3 times. Only the first doc get's included. Is there a reason why?

Question asked by liam.coates on Oct 11, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2016 by ryan.oleary

So it's just a Quote that pulls from the products on the opp and 3 other docs that each contain a special term for each of the products. Like here:

The terms have the logic of IF <<Opportunity_LineItem_Description>> = Laser Guided Disc then it's included.

If I run the DDP it pulls up The first one (Laser Guided Disc) but not the others, that's where it goes wrong.


Unsure why that happens, also unsure what type it should be i.e. paragraph, section etc?


Basically looking for how to slot in terms based on products being on the opp.