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help with variable

Question asked by eclecticmind on Oct 12, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2016 by eclecticmind

Hi All,


I need some further help with Nintex Workflow - i had some brilliant help previously from Fernando Hunth but i'm looking for some further help.


I have two lists - 1st has 2 columns owner (text) and area (text) and 2nd has name (text) and email address (person). i would like for nintex when a new item is added to use the 'owner' field value from list 1 to search for the same value in list 2 'name' field and then store the email address from that item in list 2 in a variable to use within the send notification 'to' field. i'm trying to understand how i would do that but seem to be hitting a wall.


Any help would be really appreciated.