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The Nintex Workflow Start Service service entered the stopped state.

Question asked by alum24601 on Oct 11, 2016
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This is in an on premises SharePoint 2013 instance.

I followed the directions for installing Nintex 2013 Workflows.  Everything seemed to be fine.

I am following an example to create my first Nintex workflow (Think "Hello, World").

The workflow does not run.

Examining the services, I see that the Nintex Workflow Start Service is not currently running.


I attempted to just launch it and I received the above dialog message.

I have examined the Event log.  All it says is "The Nintex Workflow Start Service service entered the stopped state."

Examining the ULS log and I see nothing referring to this.  I do see the entering/leaving monitored scope for the (Timer Job Nintex Workflow Scheduler).

Originally it was running as "Local Service".  I changed it to use an AD service account that has privileges to access the databases.

Any thoughts?

Thanks for your time.