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How to copy file from SharePoint to network drive or file share

Question asked by allan48728 on Oct 7, 2016
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In Nintex Workflow 2013 for on-premises, how exactly can you automate the copying of files from a source SharePoint 2013 document library to a destination network drive or file share? Or, is this a limitation of Nintex Workflow as of October 2016?


PowerShell option:

I saw a post for doing a windows scheduler PowerShell command, but that's outside of Nintex. Link: powershell - Schedule the copy of a document to a network location - SharePoint Stack Exchange  


Nintex WF had an action for it:

I see that in 2014 at least, Nintex Workflow used to have an action dedicated to this called "Copy to file share", but it doesn't appear to exist as of 2016. Link:  Copy to file share ; Another link: Failed to copy item to a file share. Error Code: (67) The network name cannot be found.  


Am I missing something?