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Set a field value to null not working

Question asked by shihan on Oct 7, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2016 by shihan

I use a single line text field to store a decision which is later used multiple times in switch actions to decide what should happen next inside the workflow. As I don't want to add multiple decision fields but rather only use a single one I have to reuse the field - thus I reset (or better "want to reset") the field value to null after every switch.



I use the simple "set field value" action for this and don't specify a value for the field (expected that this would set a null or at list empty string value). After this action I have the action which makes sure that pending value changes are being performed and after that a wait for field change action. I noticed that the wait for field change action got immediately triggered. But no value change (to null) was being performed.


When I set a random value in the action it is being performed so my "not really setting a value" seems to lead to the action being ignored.


How can I perform this simple task correctly? Haven't found a formula to set a null value either.