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Attachment Validation based on checkbox in a Multiple attachment form

Question asked by preethars on Oct 6, 2016
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Hello All,


I have multiple attachments in different sections in my Nintex form and I am validating only one attachment in one section

which is based on a Checkbox and if it is checked, there need to be a minimum of 1 attachment on the form.

I tried the below javascript code ,since there are multiple attachments ,javascript cannot identify which attachment is to validate,Can anyone help me with a solution?

Thanks in advance!


Javasript Code :


function fnAttachmentValidation(source, arguments)


      var Control = NWF$("#" + varMyCheckBoxID);

      var elm = NWF$("table[id*=idAttachmentsTable]");     

      var elmAttachmentRow = NWF$("div[id*=idAttachmentsRow]");


      if(':checked') == true)

      {  // minimum one attachment is required

          if ((elm != null && elm.prop('rows').length > 0) && (elmAttachmentRow != null))


             arguments.IsValid = true;




             arguments.IsValid = false;