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Multiple emails to same person

Question asked by carolpuissegur on Oct 6, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2016 by carolpuissegur

I have a State Machine workflow (which works beautifully) with one exception.  The workflow begins with a Requester submitting a form.  A task is created for the Manager to approve, then and email notification goes to the Director to review.  If the Director and Manger are not the same person, the Director then reviews it and an email notification is sent to both the Requester and Manager (no problem).  


If the Manager and Director ARE the same person, it goes to the VP for review;  the VP could also be the Requester or Manager, but they still need to review and rate it (user requirements).  After the VP has reviewed and rated it, an email notification is sent to the Requester, Manager, and Director to let them know it's been reviewed.  


Is there a way to send only one email notification if two or more people are the same person (for example, if the Requester and Director are the same person)?  I have one case where the Requester, Manager, and Director are all the same person and they receive three email notifications.  


Thanks for any assistance you can provide!