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Birthday Reminder - custom list & workflow

Question asked by bimi82 on Oct 6, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2016 by mmatsako

Hello all,


I wanted to create a small custom list where it will act as a reminder for people's Birthday.

So I created a custom list as following in SP2013:


  • Username                           > People or Group
  • Birthday                              >  Date Only format
  • Next Birthday                      > Calculated field        
  • Days until B'day                  > Calculated field


Next Birthday contains following formula:



Days until B'day contains following formula:

=IF([Next Birthday]=TODAY(),"Happy Birthday","has birthday in "&DATEDIF(TODAY(),[Next Birthday],"d")&" days")



However, the actual custom list is only updated when an entry is created and then it remains static.
Although there is some kind of "AJAX refresh options" but they seem not to be doing anything.


So my next thought was, to create a SITE WORKFLOW which will be scheduled to run every day at 00:00
My thoughts are stuck and not sure which function to use in workflow!


Ideally, would be great to have an update function which re-runs the actual formula and the fields will be updated.
For instance; the remaining days will be recalculated and the next birthday will show next year 2017 etc etc.



Any suggestions please?