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Handling rather large workflow in Nintex Office 365

Question asked by kiran.bellala on Oct 4, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2016 by warwick

Hi all

I am building a 4 levels of approval (state machine ) workflow in Nintex Office 365. Each task has 3 outcomes. The logic is not complex. Logic in all states of the state machine are similar:

  1.  if approved move to next state
  2. if  "need more information" send back to submitter state
  3.  If rejected, collect the comments into a text variable so that we can notify submitter why it was rejected via email
  4. Log to history list

While the logic is straight forward, each of these outcomes has 5 activities on average.  Overall activity size of the workflow is approaching 50 activities.

Here are my questions:


1. What happens when number of activities exceed 50 in Nintex Office 365 ? 


2. Some of the guidance in Nintex community site suggest splitting large workflows into smaller workflows and calling these smaller workflows in each state. In this scenario how is workflow history handled? All workflow comments will be spread across multiple workflows.


All I am trying to do is basically log Approval, Rejection and Need More Information comments to history list and send them to submitter via email. There should be an easier and simpler way to collect approval task comments without adding several activities to workflow to accomplish this. 


Thanks in advance.