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Mass loop plus

Question asked by vidya on Oct 3, 2016

Hi there,


I am trying to setup Mass drawloop document for one of our clients.

I have created a DDP list view button for a custom object. The delivery method available is 'Email' though in DDP I have created delivery options for Email delivery and Download.

For Notify picklist field - I choose 'Normal'.


I am getting two email notification on clicking Run button: 

"Mass DDP Status: 39bf38e8-a923-4bef-a1cc-f7a1fa0be180

One for notifying the process has begun and other for completed. In the later email, there is an attached Excel sheet. Under Response column, the comment is "An error has occurred"


There is no email sent to the receipt. 


Could anyone please help me understand where am I going wrong in the process? 


Could anyone please help me to understand "How Mass Drawloop works" after clicking Run button?