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What is the best way to route a user for response after selecting Yes in a Assign Flexi Task

Question asked by davidjohnson5000 on Sep 28, 2016
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  1. I have a list item where the item will be assigned to multiple assignee's
  2. The assignee's  must Approve or Rejected  
  3. All  assignee's must respond
  4. If the assignee's choose Approve they must then complete a field called "Comments"


First Question

If the assignee's select Approve am I forced to send them another email to complete the "Comments" field.  My hope was that I could have the assignee's complete the Comment field information immediately after choosing "Approve", but my assumption is that this is not a dynamic process and that I need to trigger another email requesting this information to be completed.


Second Question

Currently I have the Workflow settings set to every-time an Item is created.  Is this the correct Workflow setting ?  My concern is if I put any actions after the Approve or Reject branch then the workflow will not work until I check off the On Modified" setting.  However, if I check off the modified setting then will an assignee notification email generate every time there is a modification on the item or is the flexitask smart enough to know the assignee notification email has already been sent and not to send out again...