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Nintex workflow 'wait for item update' will not update when starting the workflow manually.  Is this a problem?   Or is there an activation for this to occur?

Question asked by on Sep 28, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2016 by cazza162

 I am using Nintex 2013 workflow.  I've created a workflow using 'wait for item update' (a field to be filled in by a user/requester and saved) before the next step(s) of the workflow.  After changing stuff and finally switching the workflow setting to have the workflow to 'start when items are created' set to 'yes' - it worked.

Why?   The next question is will the next 'wait for item update' work after the next item is filled in?  Or does the other box in workflow setting - 'Start when items are modified'  need to be set to 'yes' or will the workflow continue on with it set to 'no'?