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Issue with "Run Parallel Actions"

Question asked by suniltamanekar on Sep 27, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2018 by mdom

Today I came across with an issue with "Run Parallel Actions" control in Nintex Workflow 2010.


I set two actions under "Run Parallel Actions" - 1.  Legal Review and 2. Compliance Review. The comments of both Legal and Compliance are stored in two different workflow variables.  On running the workflow I receive two email intimations.  I opened each mail and accessed form and gave comments.  It is observed that after "Run Parallel Action" loop only the content remains with only one variable which is accessed last and content of one variable gets deleted.  Within the loop I stored the contents of workflow variable in respective list variables.  Even the list variable contents gets deleted.


I am not sure how this is happening and whether this is the functionality of the action.  Can some body help me to resolve the issue or suggest some other action which can capture more than one workflow variables in task forms and stores permanently.