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Missing External Data Controls on mobile devices

Question asked by on Sep 26, 2016

I am using Nintex Forms 2013 version with a list which has an External Data Column.  I am getting different results using the External Data Column control on this form on mobile devices than on desktops.


Using Internet Explorer and Chrome browsers on a desktop, the control correctly has the lookup controls that enable you to validate the entered data.  However, using Safari and Chrome on an iPad and Chrome on an Android phone, the lookup controls are missing from the External Data Column, so the field is not validating.  I have found that switching the Chrome browser to "Request desktop site" brings the lookup controls back on both devices.  I cannot find a similar setting for the Safari browser, which is the most commonly used browser on the iPads that I need to support.


Please note that I am using browsers to access the forms on both mobile devices and not the Mobile App.  I tried using this form with the Mobile App, which displays "Incompatible Control" for the External Data Column.  I understand the workaround is to replace the control, however, I would prefer to get the browser form working at this time.


Thanks in advance for any advice.