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Share workflow variable in a flexi task

Question asked by olejakobk on Sep 26, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2016 by cazza162



I have a flexi task that gather approvement and comment, but the form also has a People-field for the responder to fill in "who else to inform" when the task is approved. the People-field is connected to a workflow variable.

There are multiple assignees to the flexi task and I had the theory that if responder A entered an unser in the People-field, responder B could see this information when he later responded.


But no, It seems that each of the generated tasks keeps the entered information for itself. The actual outcome of the People-field is the content of the last person that responded. But then I loose all information from responder A.


Any solution to this?

How can I get this information from both? and preferably, can see what is already entered