Workflow description in Workflow Inventory

Discussion created by lehuspohus on Sep 22, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2016 by Enrico Knapp

Hi, guys! With one of Nintex Worklow updates Workflow inventory has been introduced. But workflow description field has been removed from this view. And i have no idea how to quickly look in description!

There is only one long way:

- open Workflow inventory

- click on workflow to open preview

- then click on Edit workflow

- and then open Workflow Settings.


It was a very handy feature, to read workflow description in "Manage workflows.." option before opening them!

Now I see at least 3 places to put workflow description back:

1) At preview, in any top corner, probably under this links

2) As optional column for Modify View in Workflow Inventory

3) Just bring description back under the Workflow name.


Don't you have a plans to reanimate this?


Thank you!