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Assign permissions when delegating tasks

Question asked by nigel.hertz on Sep 27, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2016 by nigel.hertz

Hi all,

I'm hoping someone might have some tips on an issue I'm having.

We've built a custom HR solution. Due to it's nature, all of the records are locked down via security in one form or another, including leave applications (I'm not really sure why, but anyway)

The problem I'm having is when a manager or team leader delegates an approval task for a leave request, the new approver doesn't necessarily have permissions to the list item.


Is there some way to create a workflow on the approval tasks list that, when a task is delegated to someone else, it would go back and modify the item level security on the leave request to include the delegated approver?


The workflow I've created on the tasks list never seems to fire when items are modified.


We're running SharePoint Enterprise 2013 with Nintex Workflow Std.