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Installation the Nintex Workflow 2010 and Nintex Forms 2010

Question asked by carolyne on Sep 26, 2016

These are the following solutions that where installed on our environment:


- nintexforms2010.wsp

- nintexforms2010core.wsp

- nintexworkflow2010.wsp

- nintexworkflow2010enterprisefeatures.wsp


I did not received the NintexWorkflow2010core.wsp solution but everything seems to be working.

When retracting and removing the NintexLiveCore.wsp solution we also removed the Nintex relay service from windows services and Nintex forms compatibility relay service.


Questions : We get an error in our site when going to site actions -> site settings -> site administration -> Click on Workflow : Failed to find the XML file at location '14\Template\Features\NintexLiveAdminLinks\feature.xml'