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People Picker field showing as blank on the Task forms on Nintex Mobile App

Question asked by cmikhaiel on Sep 23, 2016
Latest reply on May 26, 2017 by cmikhaiel

I’m having some difficulty displaying People picker fields values on a task form on Nintex Mobile App (for Mobile and Tablet). I'm wondering if someone can give some insight on how to resolve or have had a similar issue.



The people picker field does not display the values when on a task form on the Nintex mobile App for Mobile and Tablet layouts.


  • I have multiple task forms within my workflow, some have all fields open for edit in addition to the outcome and some others are the default; meaning that all list item fields are in read only mode in addition to the regular (edit) outcome field.
  • The original form has about 4 people picker fields in which two of them are required. So when the approvers get their task form on Nintex mobile app, they should be able to see those people fields filled in before they can approve. What happens is, those fields come back as blank on the task form. Although they have been saved correctly on SharePoint.


  • Note that I noticed some blogs recommending to use single line of texts instead of people picker. unfortunately, that option won’t work for us :-(


  • The approver who has the task form opened for him to edit all list item fields, can simply re-input those values (people fields) and submit. But when it comes to users who have their task form Item properties fields in read only specially that two of the people picker fields are “required”. They cannot re-insert or even submit the form because it is showing as blank (and required in read only mode) - so they are stuck.
  • The only people picker field I can display is the OOTB “assigned to” field. Any other SharePoint list people picker field shows as blank on mobile/tablet.


The only solution I can think of is simply have the people picker only on the original list form but not the workflow task forms. I will need to edit the tablet/mobile task forms for all approvers and remove all the people fields. But I don’t think my client will be very happy with this option.


Can you please advise or direct to someone who can help!




Addition: after looking at some of the release notes. I think the below might be related to my issue as two of the required people picker fields on the list form do have some default values setup.


--> On Release for Nintex forms: However, my environment is indeed updated to version, may be it is not a confirmed fix!!

  • Fixed an issue where the People picker control Default value may not work for Nintex Task form (00077886; 00062695; 74537; 66640)

Can someone confirm this fix?