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Flexi Task Form with Lookups doesn't provision when we upload the Nintex WF to another site?

Question asked by jambulad on Sep 21, 2016

Hello There,


I am trying to upload an existing Nintex Workflow but I do get the Assign Flexi Task or the Request Review Task with errors whenever I upload.



I have a custom list with 2 lookup columns.

I have created a workflow for this list and on the Flexi Task, I have updated the Nintex Forms so that It shows only limited items like Title,Lookup Columns and few more columns.

Everything works pretty good but when I try to move it to another environment or to a different site collection and add this list with the same Columns and all.

Upload this WF(Export & Import) then I get the Warning Sign on the Task items, when I check the Connected to is actually correct but I have to remove the control and then add it to make it publishing.


Is there anyone who can help me with this as I dont want to change when I want to upload it to a Production site as the PS scripts will be publishing it?