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Automatically complete task to submit a form once the user submits it?

Question asked by ryk on Sep 21, 2016

Using both Workflow & Forms, I'd like to create a task for members of a group to submit a form. For a few reasons I'd like the form to create items in its own list, so I'm not simply customizing the task form to retrieve the data. Is there a way to tie the user's task to their submission of a form, so that once they submit, it automatically completes the task for them?  We find that users frequently forget to go back and complete the task once they've done something that they're supposed to do.


It occurred to me that maybe a different way to do this is to go ahead and create the customized task form, then parse the resulting XML and save that data in its own list (but I don't know how feasible this is). In this case, the task is completed once they submit the form because they're one and the same. 


Apologies if this seems elementary, but I couldn't find any similar posts/answers.  Thanks!