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Emailing Multiple Documents

Question asked by student on Sep 20, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2016 by student

Hello everyone!


This is my first question on these forums and I am hoping someone can help me. 


We are currently using Drawloop (Business edition) with Salesforce to generate documents and emailing them manually. We have a custom object called Membership that is a child to Opportunity object. I am using Flow to generate a new Oppty and a subsequent Membership object. My DDPs are on the Membership object.


1. Can I use Drawloop to generate my documents based on a criteria say a checkbox on Membership?

2. Once the documents are generated, I want to attach them to the record (on Notes & Attachments - I know this can be done) and THEN email them (4 attachments) using Drawloop. Is this possible? If yes, any high level pointers or links on how to accomplish it. 


Thanks for any pointers I can get on this as I am really stuck on this and need help.