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Conditional Logic in Set variable Action?

Question asked by vacoder on Sep 20, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2016 by emha

I am building my first workflow which, in part, pulls some values from a SQL DB to set field values in the list it is running on. One variable that I need to set is not found in a database, although it is in a SharePoint site separate from the one that runs my workflow.


1. Is it possible to query a list on a site that is not running my workflow?

2. Is it possible to query a list on a site in another farm on my domain?


If neither of these are possible, can the "Set variable" action contain if-else logic to help me set the right value to the variable? I don't see any indication of this in the inline function tab of the Insert Reference window.


My variable name contains a 2 digit numeric identifier at the right end which I can use to determine the database server that it resides on so ...

numericPart = Right(DBName,2) (maybe use substring here actually)


if (numericPart < 2)

    ServerName = 'ServerA'


ServerName= 'ServerB'


Seems pretty common task but I've yet to find out how so any help is appreciated.