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Approver Comments

Question asked by greenawayr Champion on Sep 20, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2017 by chris.ben

Hi All,


This should be a simple thing to do, but I'm having issues.


Venturing into the world of Nintex for O365 and having issues with the Approvers Comments.


I have a task that completes successfully, I store the ID from the task in variable (turns out this is a GUID not the list ID) and then using this to do a lookup and and return "Approver Comments". Not getting anything returned in the query. I've edited the form using a Nintex form and checked the controls and it seems the "Comments" field is connected to a column called "Comments" (not "Approver Comments"). "Approver Comments" is not available to connect to from the form designer. And in my List query, there is no column called "Comments" to select.