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Hide or disable fields based on multiple conditions

Question asked by dyermull on Sep 19, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2016 by emha

This post applies to Nintex Forms. Business requirements are for a Form to allow new submissions by anyone, but editing the Form will only be available to a Manager's group.


From my understanding, there are two ways to Hide or Disable fields.


1) Under Control Settings for each control, I can modify the Appearance settings using Expressions for Visible or Enabled. This does have an Inline Function called (fn-IsMemberOfGroup() that is exactly what I need and it works by itself. It also has options for "Is Display Mode", "Is Edit Mode" and "Is New Mode".  These conditions also work by themselves. When I try to put two or more of these conditions together is where it fails.


Here is my Expression: (fn-IsMemberOfGroup("IT Managers")) || (Is New Mode) . If the person is a member of the IT Managers group or the Form is a New form, then Enable the field. What happens is that no conditions are processed and the field shows everywhere under any condition.


2) From reading many posts on this, Rules might be the better way to do this. Except that I do not see any functions in Formatting Rules that would allow for validating Group Access. 


My questions are:


Can I make the Expression under Control Settings work with multiple conditions? Maybe my syntax or logic is wrong.  

Is there a way to use Rules to validate Group Access and hide or show fields based on that?


Here is a (long) post that I have used for reference, but does not cover my particular questions. How do you hide a form control based on two different conditions? 


Thanks for reading, and any advice would be appreciated.