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Need Help with Approver Comments showing up in e-mail notification

Question asked by jamiemusson on Aug 22, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2018 by mpljevljak

I have a Flexi task that gives a reviewer the option to "Approve" or send back with "Comments to be addressed". It allows the reviewer to fill in Comments.




I have an e-mail notification set up in the workflow that notifies the document creator that their item has either been Approved or needs comments to be addressed on it. I want the "Comments" from this screen above to appear in that e-mail notification, but I've tried inserting all the relevant fields that I think contain this information and every single e-mail comes does not contain any of the comments that were entered in this box. The e-mails do contain the item name and status. Can someone point out another field that would contain this data that I'm not inserting?


nintext fields.JPG