Submit button marks field required even when it has value and resets other controls

Discussion created by jdirosa7 on Sep 17, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2016 by jdirosa7

I have a form in which  i use javascript custom validations for required fields when i click any button in the forms depending on the state of the form.


I create a item, send it to the next status and when i open it again in edit mode, and try to send it to the 3rd state by clicking a "save and submit" button, the form refresh itself, erase most of the controls value, and marks the "Title" field as required, even when it had value before.


The button is connected to the status field to update it to the 3rd state value. Is a save and submit one, not causing validation, not visible in ribbon, etc.


I don't know what is causing this behaviour, but i'm stuck with this.


Thanks in advance!